Sweetie Bug Creations

Sweetie Bug Creations
"Rock Candy" Double Layered Tutu

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Whew!  It's been a busy couple of weeks getting my boys settled back into the school routine, starting their breakdancing (cute!) and Canskate lessons.... I also participated in an auction over at Jennifer Leah Photography's Facebook page!  It was wonderful to do an auction to benefit charity!  I am always looking for opportunities to give back, so if anyone knows of any charity auctions, etc., please let me know!  Business has been picking up significantly so I haven't had the chance to make as many new creations while dealing with orders, but I should be at adding more art sculpture ribbon clips and headbands shortly!  A new favourite is the stretch velvet headband, so cute and stretchy :)   Current colour choices are light pink, bright pink and black...soon to come are red, brown and white!

Today I took an hour out of my day to reorganize all of my tulle and ribbon.  Unfortunately I don't have a craft room so I have taken up a corner of the family room for the past couple months.  Last weekend I started the daunting task of cleaning out the walk-in closet in the family room to make room for my supplies.  Sweetie Bug decided to help me sort out the tulle:

While searching the web for new tips and tricks I discovered a new way to cut my tulle and "cut" my cutting time by 3/4!!!  Makes creating a tutu much quicker and easier, so I was very excited about that!

Stay tuned for many more ribbon choices, artificial flower and satin rose clips, art sculpture ribbon clips and much more!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Need my Ribbon "Fix"

So...I've been waiting 22 days for my shipment of ribbon - that isn't too long as it is coming form the states and a lot of times things get hung up in customs.  BUT, I am wanting to make whole new batches of clippies for the upcoming fall sales that I will be participating in!  Very frustrating when the creative juices are flowing but the supplies for what I want to do just aren't there!

For those interested, Sweetie Bug will be at "An Evening At the Busy Women's Express Shop" on November 10th from 4-8 p.m. at the Laurel building in downtown Kelowna.  We will also be at the "2nd Annual Westbank Busy Women's Christmas Extravaganza" on November 19th from 10-3 pm, this event takes place at the Westbank Lions Club.  There will be many other amazing vendors, swag bags for the first 50 people through the doors, door prizes and more!  So come on by and do some Christmas shopping and support some local small businesses.

So, while I've been waiting for my shipment of ribbon (and also lots of new tulle colours) I have been making a lot of tutus to prepare for the upcoming sales and to showcase some of what is available for custom order.  Here are a few:

Rock Candy Double Layered Tutu

Pumpkin Tutu

Bewitched Tutu

Angel Double Layered Tutu

I am very tempted to turn the Bewitched Tutu into a double layered.  And, I'm having a difficult time choosing a costume for little Sweetie Bug.  Each tutu I do is a new favourite.  We are wanting her to be a sunflower...so maybe that will be the next one!